Overcoming Anxiety Without Medication – Lifestyle Changes to Reduce Anxiety

Many who suffer from anxiety attacks seek medical frequently and can find relief from various medications. Others find ways to reduce anxiety attacks through more natural methods not requiring the aid of medicines. What are some of these non-medicinal techniques?The following steps are suggested. It is noteworthy, however, that these steps should be taken in a slow and steady manner. Taking each small step instead of aiming for a big one right away will help keep the person from feeling totally overwhelmed by attempting too much at one time.Here are the five effective steps to help reduce anxiety attacks and overcome fears:• Identify your fearIdentifying your fear is an essential first step. This will help you to build up courage. It is a small first step, but before long, your confidence will begin to grow and also begin to affect other areas of your life as well.

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• Focus on positive benefits of overcoming your fearFocusing on the positive results of overcoming fears will keep the person from becoming depressed and discouraged. The reason is due to the fact the process of overcoming one’s fears does involve time to effectively work through a progression for reducing anxiety attacks. Replacing negative, fearful thoughts with motivating positive ones helps battle the waves of anxiety one feels.A suggestion here would be to actually make a list of positive benefits on paper which will assist in the person’s positive focus.• Change your point-of-viewRealize that failure, rejection and bad situations occur to everyone at various times in their lives. Use these as learning tools which show you areas in your life where you may need improvement. Everyone wants to better themselves in some way and this gives you “hands-on” experience in learning your weaknesses.• Facing Your RealityFocus your thoughts on the things you are doing in the present and don’t allow the past and future to creep in. Make plans and follow through on them as you center your attention on your current activities and the enjoyment you are receiving from them. Realize it is possible that you may fail to accomplish this, but don’t dwell on it. Move on to the next plan and work to achieve it. You will find your present reality and plans become more of your focus than the negative thoughts and fears that have plagued you.

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• Change how you identify your fearActively following the suggested steps will bring you a point where your perception of your fears will change. You will probably not even realize you identify your fears differently. Devoting yourself to these steps will soon become second nature and you will begin to view many things in a more positive way. Your fear will no longer trap you as it once did.

Cholesterol Information-Medication-Lifestyle and Food

In a seemingly endless barrage you are probably bombarded with facts about cholesterol – foods, lifestyles and medications. For the most, these facts are associated with products you can buy, in other words, commercials – tv, radio and print. On the other hand, what cholesterol information is actually pertinent to avoid heart disease and live a healthy life and where can you find this kind of cholesterol information?Pertinent cholesterol information can be divided into two parts: information about you and information about everything else. Your doctor will ask you about your important cholesterol information. Understand your numbers get a cholesterol test and find out how much good and bad cholesterol you have. Your doctor can also tell you whether your numbers are too high or too low. Like so many health problems, smoking has a tendency to make high cholesterol even higher.

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Your family’s medical history is an important cholesterol information factor. If your blood pressure is high, you may already be feeling the effects of high cholesterol. Some medical conditions, like diabetes, can also raise cholesterol levels.While you may not know the cholesterol numbers of your relatives, their medical conditions can give your doctor a good starting point and a good idea of your potential health issues. Information about your lifestyle is also important. If your diet is good, your weight is under control and you exercise regularly, you may be doing everything you can. If this is your situation your doctor may recommend medication.To control cholesterol, you need to know what it is. Many are surprised to find out that cholesterol manufactured in the liver and that it’s essential for the body to function at optimal levels. You may be surprised to know that you make it yourself and so your body clearly needs cholesterol in order to function so you don’t need to add any to your diet. Good cholesterol information includes where to find cholesterol in your food. Because cholesterol comes from your liver, a good rule of thumb is if your food had a liver at some point in time, it contains cholesterol.

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That goes for dairy products, too. Cholesterol is found in the fat part of the food. Whole milk contains more cholesterol than non-fat milk. In eggs, the cholesterol is in the yolks. If your food has a nutrition label, look for saturated fat – some if OK but zero grams in best.Besides meat and dairy, palm and cocoanut oils contain saturated fats. A good rule of thumb regarding cholesterol information is that polyunsaturated fats are not bad for you unless they are hydrogenated. This is done to keep them stable in manufactured foods.Tip – For more information on cholesterol, check out the links below.

Reducing Diabetes Risk Through Lifestyle Improvements

According to the British Medical Journal, lifestyle changes appear to be as effective as medication in delaying or preventing type 2 diabetes among adults with impaired glucose tolerance.The decrease in physical activity and increase in obesity of western societies are strongly linked with the increase in the prevalence and incidence in type 2 diabetes. People with impaired glucose tolerance have an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Various treatment methods have been utilized in research. This research includes medications, lifestyle and herbal remedies.The British Medical Journal published a recent meta-analysis. They consolidated the evidence from 17 clinical trails. The clinical trails studied the effects of lifestyle, drugs and other medications on both men and women with impaired glucose tolerance. The results showed that lifestyle change intervention can be as effective as drug therapy in reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes in high risk individuals. Individuals who received standard advice only, showed effects on lifestyle changes. This advice resulted in a 49 percent reduction in the risk of developing diabetes. Exercise alone or in combination with a healthier diet was more effective than diet alone. Oral diabetic medications were also effective in delaying or preventing diabetes, but were not as effective as lifestyle changes. Orlistat, which is an anti-obesity drug, was effective in reducing risk when compared to control groups.

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Although both medications and lifestyle changes were effective in reducing the risk of diabetes, diet and exercise were associated with considerably fewer adverse effects than those caused by medication. The adverse effects were typically gastroentestinal and reduced liver function. Since this is fundamentally a lifestyle issue, compliance is generally the key with lifestyle interventions.Healthy Recipe–Black Bean With Rice–Ingredients, *1 pounds black beans, *7 cups water, *1 medium green pepper, *1 1/2 cup onion, *tablespoon vegetable oil, *2 bay leaf, *1clove garlic, *1/2 teaspoon salt, *1 tablespoon vinegar, *6 cups rice, *4 ounces pimento, *1 lemon.
Preparation–1. Pick through beans to remove bad ones. Soak beans overnight in cold water. Drain and rinse. 2. In large soup pot or Dutch oven, stir together beans, water, green pepper, onion, oil, bay leaves, garlic, and salt. Cover and boil for one hour. 3. Reduce heat and simmer, covered, for three to four hours or until beans and very tender. Stir occasionally and add water if needed.

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Anxiety Medications – Discover What Are the Natural Alternatives

Normally anxiety medications contain alprazolam which is one of the benzodiazepines which are the most widely used of all the anxiety meds on the market today. Usually these drugs, such as Xanax and Cymbalta and Tofranil can calm the central nervous system and give immediate relief to anxiousness, worry and stress. But the problem of the side effects cannot be tolerated by some patients. If a patient wants more of the drug, then there is a risk of addiction and it may be impossible to break that addiction.Apart from side effects such as dizziness, forgetfulness and feeling a constant hangover, there are the risks of being over sedated and that occurs frequently when the patient has been on the drug for a long time. The patients may have double vision and speak as if they were drunk and there are often problems with very poor co-ordination. I noticed that a friend of mine who has been on these drugs for over twenty years falls frequently and often her speech is slurred. She did confess to me once she no longer experienced normal feelings of pleasure or sadness and that there was a certain emotional numbness which made her feel at times like a zombie.

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So what are the natural alternatives to anxiety medications? There are now so many different herbal and homeopathic remedies for anxiety on the market that it is really difficult to choose. But we should bear a few important criteria in mind so that we are sure we are getting products which are manufactured to the highest standards, given that this area is not directly controlled by the FDA. But the FDA does approve certain facilities for the manufacture of these preparations where the GMP is also observed.Then, you can select the ones which actually have the backing of clinical data which shows that they are not only effective but safe as well. One of the herbs which has done extremely well in tests over long periods is the valerian herb which I use myself as a sleeping aid. However its use in anxiety disorders is equally well tried and tested. It has the great advantage that it can act quite quickly. The best preparations will have a minimum of.8% of valerenic acid which is the active compound.

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What are the other natural alternatives to anxiety medications? Lifestyle changes can be a great help. Meditation, yoga, deep breathing exercises and taking up some physical activity have been found to be remarkably effective. These can be combined with a herbal treatment. Cognitive behavioural therapy is also enjoying enormous success as a natural alternative for treating this difficult condition.Now that you know there ARE natural alternatives to the anxiety medications, why not visit my website where I have set out all the alternatives in detail so that you can weigh them up and decide which could be the one or ones to turn your life around.

Medical Devices – Step Towards a Healthier Lifestyle

With rapidly changing lifestyles and the increase in hypertension and diabetes among people, it has now become necessary to keep track of our health at all times. Medical product reviews shows a rapid increase in the sales of new medical devices because of the rate at which people are acquiring these diseases. The increase in these diseases is the result of the fast paced lives that we have now become so accustomed to. We are part of that generation where almost all of us carry our offices around in the form of our laptops or smart phones, and there is no relief from the constant stress. This change in lifestyle has left no room in our lives for regular visits to clinics and visit the doctor is no longer on our things-to-do list.

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To lead a healthy life there are some additions that we need to make in our lives to accommodate our health with work. The solution to this dilemma can be found in new medical devices that can be easily used at home or in office. These devices not only help you in keeping track of your blood pressure levels, blood sugar levels and much more, but they also allow you to take measures to improve your health. Following are the functions of certain devices that are more commonly used, and how they can help you in monitoring your health.Sphygmomanometer is an easy to use device and it help you monitor your blood pressure levels. If you have been diagnosed with hypertension then this device will be very helpful to measure you blood pressure at anytime and take proper medication to keep it under control.Thermometer is commonly used to measure fever and in case of elevated temperature you can contact your doctor for further advice.Blood glucose monitor will help you keep track of your blood sugar levels which is very useful if you have diabetes.
These new medical devices are now more technologically advanced and easy to use and will help you watch your health and make necessary changes to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

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Medical product reviews can help you learn more about how these devices can help you achieve a healthier lifestyle. It is the need of the day to make time in our lives for our health. We need to work on our diet, watch what we eat, exercise, and practice how to handle work without jeopardizing our health and taking too much stress.

Diabetes Medication – What You Should Know

Diabetes medication is not usually a big deal, though it would usually be overwhelming to be told by a doctor that you or someone you know has been diagnosed with diabetes, especially if your knowledge of the disease is little. Don’t worry too much, diabetes is a health condition that is quite manageable by today’s medical standards. You can still live a normal and full span if you seek treatment and follow your doctor’s advice on diabetes medication.Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes refers to a health condition in which because of hereditary, age or lifestyle reasons the body’s ability to make and use insulin in regulating your blood glucose, or sugar levels has dropped below standard. Though this was very challenging in the past, today treatment methods for successfully managing this condition is readily available.

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The treatment or management of diabetes can be by medications, modified diet and exercises, or the combination of all three methods. Most people have had their diabetes effectively put under control and lived to ripe old age without major disruptions in their daily routines. You may require no diabetes medication, just change of diet and exercises have been enough to control diabetes in some people.It is not in all cases that you may be treated with diabetes medication. If discovered early and depending on the type, your condition may require the changing of lifestyle, adjusted diet and the inclusion of guided physical activities or exercises to help burn fat and excess sugar in your blood. If, however, it is discovered that your pancreas is not functioning and therefore not producing enough or any insulin, medication becomes imperative. Lantus SubQ is one of the drugs commonly used to treat Type 1 diabetes.Lantus SubQ is synthetic insulin that is very similar to natural insulin. It is very effective and commonly used for providing succor to type 1 diabetic patients. For type 2 diabetes the common drug used is Actos Oral. Type 2 diabetes is non-insulin dependent but requires diabetes medication.In Type 2 diabetes your body is not reacting properly to insulin. Your insulin receptor sites are not active and so not burning any or enough glucose for your good health. Actos Oral acts as a catalyst to make your body react adequately to insulin, so that glucose does not accumulate in your blood. If your blood sugar is not managed with Actos Oral, you stand the risks of severe health problems such as heart disease, gum disease or damage to your nerve ends. Actos Oral is an effective diabetes medication.

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Finally, do not self medicate if you have been told that you have diabetes of whatever type. Follow the advice of your doctor and you will be okay with just a change of both your diet and lifestyle, if he does not recommend diabetes medication.

Learn Hypertension Medication – Without Side Effects

There is a world of different medication used to treat hypertension. In fact, you could spend days, even months trying to research them all. A few of the common drug medications used to treat hypertension are different groups of ace inhibitors, angiotensin II receptor antagonists, calcium channel blockers, diuretics (also called HCTZ), alpha blockers, beta blockers, and combination products (usually containing HCTZ and one other drug). Now the aim of anti-hypertensive drugs (drug medications used to treat high blood pressure) should be to lower blood pressure to <140/90 mmHg or lower for most patients.One thing you must know is that all anti-hypertensive drugs have a side effect, that's a fact. So if your blood pressure isn't severe, it's in your best interest to use other ways to treat your hypertension. Changes in your lifestyle are the best hypertension medication. Lifestyle changes like, weight loss, lowering alcohol intake, decreasing sodium (salt), increasing fruit and vegetable consumption, and cutting back on smoking. These lifestyle changes are enough to reduce mildly elevated blood pressure without any additional treatment. For those without the luxury of just making a few lifestyle modifications, the only other option left is drug therapy. Though all anti-hypertensive drugs have negative effects, there are a few out there with minimum. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Thiazides or ACE-inhibitors are the first line of treatments for hypertensive patients, because compared to other anti-hypertensive drugs they have minimum side effects. Some guidelines state that patients over 55 years and African American patients should start on calcium blockers or thiazide diuretics, while younger patients of other ethnicity should begin drug treatment with ACE-inhibitors. Thiazide diuretics are effective and much more affordable than other drug medications. Thiazide diuretics also include negative effects, like hypercholesterolemia, and impaired glucose tolerance with consequent increased risk of developing type 2 Diabetes. When taking any anti-hypertensive drug it is recommended to take low doses. There is clear evidence showing that low doses decreases the potential of any negative effects.Thiazides have been combined with a potassium agent, but it isn't clear if this combination has an advantage over the use of low doses. However, diuretics in combination with potassium supplements or potassium sparers may show some favorable results. Serum potassium should be checked within 4 to 6 weeks of starting low-dose thiazide therapy. Beta-blockers are less effective compared to thiazides but can be used as an alternative or supplementary therapy to thiazide diuretics. Long acting dihydropyridine calcium antagonist drugs can be used for elderly hypertensive patients, but there is proof that long term efficiency and safety is lacking for many drugs in this group. Long acting dihydrpyridine calcium antagonists can be used as alternative therapy to thiazide diuretics or supplementary to other therapy, particularly in patients with isolated systolic hypertension. Short acting dihydropyridine calcium antagonists should be avoided, never use them, because there has been no study on how these can benefit you.

Medication, Surgery Or Lifestyle Modification

For the treatment of acid reflux and GERDs, lifestyle modifications, medications, and surgery are the three main options, the choice of lifestyle modification is often chosen before the use of medication or attempted surgery.Lifestyle modifications often involve the reduction or elimination of certain foods from the diet but also slight changes in exercise and eating habits.LIFESTYLE MODIFICATIONS – Some examples below- Reduction of consuming alcohol and coffee, especially before bedtime.
– Reduction in consumption of in fatty foods. Fat will delay stomach emptying and weaken the esophageal sphincter.
– Eating within 2-3 hours before bedtime.
– Having smaller, more frequent meals reduces GERD risk, as it means there is less food in the stomach at any one time.
– Minimal carbonated soft drinks with or without sugar.
– No chocolate and peppermint styled treats, they loosen the sphincter allowing more acid up the esophagus
– Avoiding highly acidic foods such as tomatoes and tomato-based preparations; citrus fruits and citrus juices.
– Vegetables such as cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, and Brussels sprouts should be avoided or reduced.
– Milk and milk-based products containing calcium and fat, within 2 hours of bedtime.

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MEDICATIONSMedications are another major treatment for acid reflux or GERDs. Often taken as a tablet there are a few major types that work in different ways to achieve the same end result.Protein pump inhibitors are among the most common and are the first to be prescribed by your doctor as they are the most effective. They work by stopping acid secretion from the source – the protein pump.Antacids are also widely used but have variable amounts of success. They are able to be bought over the counter and offer a small amount of carbonate or such to neutralize the acid in your stomach. For severe acid reflux or GERD’s these will not be as effective as protein pump inhibitors as they would have to be taken around the clock making them useless.Gastric H2 receptor blockers (such as ranitidine, famotidine and cimetidine) also stop the secretion of acid and in about 50% of GERD cases, will relieve the user of painful symptoms.SURGERYFinally Surgery is used for those with severe symptoms and cannot be relieved by a change in diet and will otherwise continue to use medication that may have bad implications.

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The standard surgical treatment is the Nissen fundoplication. In this procedure the upper part of the stomach is wrapped around the LES to strengthen the sphincter and prevent acid reflux and to repair a hiatal hernia. The procedure is often done laparoscopically. When compared to medical management laparoscopic fundoplication had better results at 1 year.Another treatment is transoral incisionless fundoplication (TIF) The doctor will rebuild the valve between the stomach and the diaphragm by entering through the esophagus, it is a difficult or ‘blind’ surgery so cameras are used.These are the basic treatments for acid reflux.

Knowing When It’s Time to Consider Acid Reflux Medication

If you have been recently diagnosed with acid reflux disease, you may be thinking about acid reflux medication as treatment for it. As you work with your doctor, he or she will want to try other treatment options before putting you on prescription acid reflux medication. If the other treatments are not doing anything for your acid reflux problem, your doctor may want to put you on some type of acid reflux medication.Other Treatments to Try Before Taking Acid Reflux MedicationYou doctor will want you to try to change your lifestyle before prescribing acid reflux medication. These changes include cutting the amount of alcohol and coffee you take, giving up smoking, avoiding certain foods that trigger your acid reflux, and keeping your weight to a manageable level. You will also need to change the way you eat by having smaller meals more often. All these lifestyle changes will help you to control the acid that is produced.

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When There is No Other Choice but the Acid Reflux MedicationWhen you have tried all the lifestyle changes that your doctor has given you and there is still no change -or it is not a noticeable one, you may need to add some over-the0counter acid reflux medication. Antacids will help you to keep your acid level down. You may be also asked to take the antacids right before the doctor runs tests so that your doctor can decide if the problem is acid reflux or something else. It is not necessary for your doctor to do anything more if the non-prescription acid reflux medication is working.However, if the acid reflux medication does not work or shows little improvement with the heartburn, the damage that can be done gets more serious. Your doctor may want to try another method of treatment to stop any problems with the larynx and esophagus and the pain that comes with it. Your doctor may go to the next step and prescribe some stronger acid reflux medication for you. You will need to follow the directions and take it on a regular basis. There is not really a time frame on how long you may be taking the acid reflux medication. The acid reflux medication will include histamine-2 blockers. They are commonly known as Zantac or Pepcid. You may also take proton-pump inhibitors called Prilosec or Prevacid. These acid reflux medications will also be taken before any tests are run to make sure that they are working for you.

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Acid reflux sufferers have many treatments that are available to them. Your doctor will have many different options he or she may want you to try before the next step is taken. Your doctor will give you the acid reflux medication only after you have tried changing your lifestyle and doing so has not worked for you. When you find the right acid reflux medication to help you, you will find the relief that you have been looking for.

ADHD’s Hardest Question – Should I Medicate My ADHD Child?

I think that anyone with ADHD would choose to manage his or her disease without medication if that were possible. I think that there is not a parent worth their weight in salt that would give their kid a pill every day if it were not necessary. There are behavioral interventions and dietary interventions that have been found to help ADHD and classroom modifications have also proved to be very helpful for children with ADHD. Parents are obliged to exhaust other avenues of treatment before resorting to a ‘pill’ cure. A ‘pill’ cure however is sometimes inevitable.I work in health care. I see patients every day with uncontrolled high blood pressure, uncontrolled high cholesterol, and uncontrolled high blood sugar. Many of these patients have not even tried to control their diseases with life style modifications. Many of them continue to eat poorly, never exercise, and have made no modifications to their lifestyles to try and control their medical problems. Many other of these patients are doing EVERYTHING possible to keep their disease in check and despite their best efforts are still seeing laboratory values and blood pressures that are dangerously high.

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The individuals described above should all be started on medications to control their dangerous medical problems. For those patients who are unwilling to try lifestyle modifications, medication is needed because these problems lead to great illness and even death and without medication, these individuals will have a very poor quality of life. For those patients who have tried everything and are still not controlled, medication is needed for the very same reason.I think that for ADHD we are required to take the same approach for ourselves and for our kids. We need to exhaust every lifestyle modification measure available to control the symptoms of ADHD. If we succeed with lifestyle measures, we will need to stay vigilant and not stray from our daily regimen. If we do not succeed with these modifications or are unwilling to try lifestyle modifications, we should seek medication.

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ADHD causes low self-esteem, squelches the attainment of our full potential as individuals, and isolates us because we can be difficult people to be around. While none of these things will kill us like say diabetes or hypertension might, they can make our lives sad and miserable. Studies done on young males indicate that the rate of suicide is increased when there is a diagnosis of ADHD. Whether this is related to the comorbidities of depression and Bipolar Disorder is unknown but the imperative to medicate in these cases is still the same. Daily medication is never our first choice. It is, however, our last resort because our lives and the lives or our children may very well depend on it.